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The Kingdom of Swaziland

Swaziland is ideally situated for a tour of Southern Africa with excellent roads (only four hours drive from Johannesburg) and daily flights, making visiting easy. Visitors are surprised and delighted to discover a wealth of different, real African experiences in this unique Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Swaziland is old, peaceful and incredibly varied. The people are friendly and humorous and Swaziland is a vibrant, fun place to experience Africa. For Swazi experiences visit our Things to do and see page . In the rural areas life has changed little over the decades. Along the roadsides view homesteads nestling in patchworks of mealie (corn) fields

This is the last traditional kingdom in Africa where the cheerful, friendly Swazi people have preserved their rich culture and traditions as a vital element in their day to day lives. Here there is a unique balance between Ancient and Modern, African and Western which extends through many parts of daily life.

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Colourful, mystical ceremonies held every year to celebrate the Swazi traditions provide a window into a fascinating history.

The most spectacular ceremony is the annual Reed Dance, when thousands of singing and dancing maidens converge on the Royal palace dressed in vibrant traditional costumes. This ceremony takes place in August/September and the dates are determined by the phases of the moon and only announced a few weeks before the event. During the Reed Dance, the maidens cut and collect reeds which are then presented to the Queen Mother and used for rebuilding the enclosure around her home. In this way, they are paying respect to her and indirectly to the older ladies in the Kingdom.

The most important ceremony is the Incwala or Kingship Ceremony, which takes place in December/January. The King and thousands of young men and warriors take part in various rituals, dances and songs. The dates for this ceremony are announced each year by the King, usually a few weeks before the event and are also determined by the phases of the moon.

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